What is the density difference between Tungsten and Aluminum?

View our video on the density difference between W (Tungsten) and Al (Aluminum). Tungsten Cubes Purchase cubes online in our online […]

Midwest Tungsten Service Expansion Feature

President of Midwest Tungsten Service, Joel Stava, discusses MTS expansion to find a new industrial facility. Check it out:

MTS owners featured in Crain’s Chicago Business

Midwest Tungsten Service Inc. was outgrowing two separate rental locations. Early this year, Joel Stava, president, and his partner, Kevin […]

How Tungsten Wire is Made

Looking to purchase tungsten wire? View our wire selection. Making tungsten wire is a complex, difficult process. The process must […]

Fabricating Tungsten Alloy

Refractory Metal Supply and Fabrication Machining our MT series heavy alloys and our tungsten-copper alloys will be similar to machining […]

How Thick is the Film?

Most batch vacuum metallizers do not have the equipment necessary to measure aluminum film thickness. Occasionally, someone will ask how […]

Book: Tungsten – The Story of an Indispensable Metal
Basic Vacuum Theory

Vacuum means “emptiness” in Latin. It is defined as a space from which all air and other gases have been […]

Plasma Polymerized Coatings

The metallizing market is always in need of a faster, safer, more economical way to process metallized parts. Plasma polymerized […]

Crystal Film Thickness Monitors

For decorative metallizing operations, exact measurement of the deposited film thickness is not usually required. Decorative metallizers are primarily concerned […]