Direct Fire vs. Preheat

The advantages and disadvantages of direct fire metallizing versus those of preheat/flash metallizing. Direct Fire Direct fire immediately brings filaments […]

SiO Film Thickness

Silicon Monoxide films change color according to the thickness of the deposited film. By watching the interference color of the […]

Second Surface

Reverse or See-Through Metallizing Second surface metallizing is sometimes called reverse or see-through metallizing. The front surface which faces a person […]

Standoff Posts

Vacuum Metallizing: Filament Standoff Posts The design and positioning of filament standoff posts are important considerations in vacuum metallizing. The […]

Release Agent Coatings

What is a Release Agent Coating? A coating that imparts “non-stick” properties to the surface upon which it is applied. […]

Tungsten and Costs

Market Price, Pure or Alloy & the Delivery Form Midwest Tungsten regularly receive requests for more information about tungsten mining, […]

MTS on Manufacturing Marvels

Midwest Tungsten Service featured on Manufacturing Marvels on Fox Business Network.  

Metallizer Throughput

Maximizing Metallizer Throughput This Tips is more theoretical than most, but it is our sincere hope that you will be […]

Color Matching and Metamerism

Color control and color matching are important to vacuum metallizers. Customers will often present a metallizer with a sample and […]

VM Electrical Problems

Vacuum Metallizing Electrical Problems & Solutions There are problems in the metallizing chamber that may be electrical, but not be […]