Chrome Plated Rods

Used for the evaporation of chromium

Ideal for the evaporation of chromium. Since chrome sublimes (goes directly from solid to vapor), intimate contact is needed between the heat source and the chrome in order to achieve reasonable deposition rates. MTS chrome plated rods provide quick evaporation and reduce spitting that can occur when evaporating chromium in pellet form. No charging or loading is required, simply use until chromium is depleted.

Rods are available in 2, 3”, 4, 4.75” or 6 lengths. One-half inch on either end is left uncoated for electrical connection. Rods are .050″ diameter and are coated from .070″ to .085″ with pure chromium.

hard chrome plated rods

2.00″ rod – $5.65

3.00″ rod – $5.65

4.00″ rod – $6.35

4.75″ rod – $5.65

6.00″ rod – $7.25

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Bargain Chrome Plated Rods

Bargain rods are also available. These rods may show irregularities such as uneven coating thickness or uneven amounts of the uncoated rod at the ends. However, they are functional and are a great value! Available in 3″, 4″, and 4.75″ lengths.

3.00″ bargain rod – $2.90

4.00″ bargain rod – $3.50

4.75″ bargain rod – $3.80

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