Evaporation Filaments

Filaments for Vacuum Metallizing

Single or multiple strand tungsten, molybdenum, or tantalum stranded wire for vacuum metallizing. Stranded wire can incorporate a core of aluminum for wetting purposes. Nichrome, silver, or other cores are available by request.

We also make electron beam filaments and ion beam filaments.

Please reference these generic styles, in the below table, when using Filament Quote Request Form.

In order for us to quote, please provide complete dimensions and critical tolerances.

Style Description
horizontal helix evaporation filament
 Horizontal Helix
vertical helix evaporation filamentopenclos
Z-Coil. Open or Closed Bottom.
z-coil evaporation filament
 Z-Coil with Horizontal legs, also Crucible Heater
 double helix evaporation filament
 Double Helix, can be tapered
 vertical evaporation filament
 Vertical Helix
 vertical cone evaporation filament
 Vertical Conical Basket
 vertical cone evaporation filament, V-style
 Conical Basket, V-Style legs
 conical basket evaporation filament
 Conical Basket, Z-Style legs
 conical basket horizontal evaporation filament
 Conical Basket, Horizontal legs
Filament with Cylindrical Basket with V-Style legs 
 Cylindrical Basket, V-Style legs
 cylindrical basket z-style
 Cylindrical Basket, Z-Style legs
 cylindrical basket with horizontal legs, evaporation filament
 Cylindrical Basket, Horizontal legs
 Open Helix Evaporation Filament
 Open Helix
 Closed Helix Evaporation Filament
 Closed Helix
 Flat U Loop Evaporation Filament
 Flat U Loop
 Flat Loop Evaporation Filament
 Flat O Loop
 Spiral Crucible Heater
 Spiral Crucible Heater
 Overwrapped Tungsten Rod with wire
 Overwrapped Tungsten Rod (Tungsten rod overwrapped with fine tungsten wire in honeycomb fashion)

evaporation filaments