Evaporant Materials

Evaporants for Vacuum Metallizing

Midwest Tungsten supplies a wide variety of evaporants for vacuum deposition. All evaporants are manufactured using high purity materials in a clean environment with careful attention in order to reproduce exact weights and shapes. You can be assured of excellent quality and consistent performance when using MTS evaporants. Choose from our wide inventory or customize a solution to fit your needs.

Aluminum – Available in many forms including canes, clips, crimps, ovals, coils, spooled wire, pins. Used in conjunction with tungsten filaments.

Copper – Available as canes, coils, or pins.

Nichrome – Available as canes, coils, or pins.

Nickel – Available as canes.

Goldtone – Available in cane form.

Silicon bronze – Available in cane form.

Tin – Available in cane form.

Specialty evaporation chemicals – Available upon request.

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