Pre-Ground Welding Electrodes

CNC ground to custom specifications

Pre-ground TIG welding tungsten electrodes are similar to their unsharpened counterparts in that they provide a clean, high quality weld, while reducing preparation time and variability. Precision CNC machined tungsten rods exhibit a strict tip tolerance resulting in higher weld consistency, improved arc quality, and longer electrode life. They are preferred in mechanized TIG welding, plasma welding, pipe and orbital welding, and tube mills.

Electrode Geometry

In addition to standard electrode measurements such as length and diameter, the tip angle is important due to its impact on arc start. Lesser angles (more acute) provide a wider and more consistent arc, while greater angles (more obtuse) last longer and can handle more amperage for thick sheet metal applications. The industry standard for pre-ground tungsten welding rods is 20 degrees, but specific applications can call for a greater or lesser angle.

Sharpened electrodes are available in the following alloys:

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Orbital TIG Welding

Orbital Welding is a process by which the weld arc is rotated 360 degrees in continuous motion around fixed objects such as tubes or pipes. The mechanical weld is highly uniform, repeatable, and used in critical applications to maintain weld fidelity. Every aspect of the computer-aided welding process is highly precise, and the tungsten electrode is no exception. Orbital TIG welding incorporates consumable pre-sharpened tungsten welding rods to minimize variability that can arise from user-ground electrodes during a series of welds. As a result, this type of precision welding is widely used when repairing or fabricating pipelines, which require long stretches of uninterrupted uniformity.

Tube Mill TIG Welding

A tube mill fabricates a pipe by roll forming a strip of material until the edges touch. At that point, the welding apparatus welds this seam together, forming the full pipe. Stainless steel pipes are arc welded with pre-ground TIG welding tungsten electrodes due to the welding process’s inherent speed, quality, and superb arc characteristics. In an automated production environment, a high quality, long lasting arc produced by pre-sharpened tungsten reduces production line downtime, thus decreasing fabrication costs and improving asset utilization. Each time the tube mill shuts down, costly scrap is produced. Pre-ground welding electrodes quickly pay for themselves and are an integral part of an automated tube mill production line.

Midwest Tungsten Service high quality pre-ground tungsten welding electrodes adhere to ISO 6848 and AWS A5.12 standards. Blanket orders can be arranged to assure stable pricing and just-in-time delivery.

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