Tungsten Alloy

Specializing in High Quality Heavy Metal Alloys

Tungsten heavy alloys are ideal for high density applications or for use in radiation shielding. Heavy metal tungsten alloys are 90% to 97% pure tungsten in a matrix of nickel and copper or nickel and iron. The addition of these alloying elements improves both the ductility and machinability of these alloys over non-alloyed tungsten.

We stock alloy as:

Custom Alloy Machined Parts

MTS can custom machine any alloys to finished parts according to your specifications. We carry an extensive inventory of tungsten alloys and provide quick turnaround for those items not in stock. Call (1-800-626-0226) or send us a message for more information or with a specific request.

We also manufacture aircraft bucking bars and ballast weights for aircraft, high performance autos, and sailboats made of tungsten alloy.

Material90% W
6% Ni
4% Cu
90% W
7% Ni
3% Fe
92.5% W
5.25% Ni
2.25% Fe
95% W
3.5% Ni
1.5% Cu
95% W
3.5% Ni
1.5% Fe
97% W
2.1% Ni
0.9% Fe
Density, grams/cubic centimeter 17 gm/cc 17 gm/cc 17.5 gm/cc 18 gm/cc 18 gm/cc 18.5 gm/cc
Density; lbs/in30.6140.6140.6320.650.650.668
Mil. Spec. T-21014 DClass 1Class 1Class 2Class 3Class 3Class 4
ASTM-B777Grade 1Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 3Grade 4
TypeType II & IIIType II & IIIType II & IIIType II & IIIType II & IIIType II & III
Hardness; Rockwell C242526272728
Ultimate Tensile Strength; PSI94,000110,000110,00094,000105,000100,000
Yield Strength, .2% Offset; PSI75,00075,00075,00075,00075,00075,000
Elongation, % in 1″2+5+2+2+3+2+
Proportional Elastic Limit; PSI45,00052,00046,00045,00044,00045,000
Modulus of Elasticity; PSI40 x 10E645 x 10E647 x 10E645 x 10E650 x 10E653 x 10E6
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion x 10E-6/°C (20°- 400°C)
Thermal Conductivity; CGS Units0.
Electrical Conductivity; %IACS141013161317
Magnetic PropertiesNILSlightly MagneticSlightly MagneticNILSlightly MagneticSlightly Magnetic