Tungsten Wire

99.95% pure. Wire is clean and straightened. All sizes are stocked for immediate delivery.

Our tungsten wire conforms to ASTM F288-96, Type 1A. It is provided clean and straightened.  Standard finish is electropolished, although as-drawn finishes are available by request or in some cases, off the shelf.

tungsten wire spool

Uses of this wire include:

We also provide thoriated tungsten wire, lanthanated tungsten wire, and tungsten-rhenium wire by request.

Volume discounts are available for purchases of 5 spools or more and for large quantities of self-coiled wire (.020″ diameter and above). Choose single or multiple strands

Thank you for understanding that it is not economically feasible for us to sell package sizes smaller than those listed.

To order tungsten wire or if you have a question, call us 1-800-626-0226, send us a message or click product below to send us a direct product request. For custom orders, please send us a message. Other spooling options are available upon request.

Pure Tungsten Wire:

Inch DiameterUnit of LengthPackage SizePrice/UoLSales price/pack
Wire 0.0005meter500 meter spool$170.00
Wire 0.001meter500 meter spool$170.00
Wire 0.002meter500 meter spool$180.00
Wire 0.003meter500 meter spool$190.00
Wire 0.004meter500 meter spool$200.00
Wire 0.0045meter500 meter spool$200.00
Wire 0.005meter500 meter spool$220.00
Wire 0.006meter500 meter spool$250.00
Wire 0.007meter500 meter spool$270.00
Wire 0.008meter500 meter spool$300.00
Wire 0.009meter100 meter spool$140.00
Wire 0.01meter100 meter spool$160.00
Wire 0.011meter100 meter spool$180.00
Wire 0.012meter100 meter spool$200.00
Wire 0.013meter100 meter spool$210.00
Wire 0.014foot100 foot spool$160.00
Wire 0.015meter100 meter spool$220.00
Wire 0.016meter100 meter spool$240.00
Wire 0.017meter100 meter spool$270.00
Wire 0.018foot100 foot spool$180.00
Wire 0.019foot100 foot spool$190.00
Wire 0.02foot20 foot min$7.00/ft
Wire 0.025foot20 foot min$8.00/ft
Wire 0.03foot20 foot min$9.00/ft
Wire 0.04foot20 foot min$10.00/ft
Wire 0.045foot20 foot min$11.00/ft
Wire 0.05foot20 foot min$12.00/ft
Wire 0.06foot20 foot min$13.00/ft

We also manufacture tungsten filaments and tungsten ribbon. We stock and sell stranded wire in several configurations.

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