About Midwest Tungsten

Providing high quality refractory metal (W, Mo, Ta)

Raw Materials: Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum, & more!

MTS offers raw materials for sale include tungsten and tungsten heavy metal alloys, molybdenum, and tantalum. Raw material forms include rod, wire, sheet, plate, bar, nuts, and threaded rod.

MTS Products & Uses

We are the premier, ISO Certified, manufacturer of resistance heated evaporation sources and materials for vacuum evaporation (vacuum metallizing). Sources include evaporation filaments and boats, ion beam and electron beam filaments. We also manufacture electron beam gun parts such as anode assemblies, buss bars, cathode blocks, crucibles, liners, and beam formers. Evaporation materials include aluminum, chrome, copper, nickel, nichrome, tin, silver, and gold. We invite you to browse our product offerings and review our technical information resources on our site as well as view our product reviews. Feel free to contact us for specific information or questions.

Custom Machining Services & Capabilities

We offer custom machining of these metals to customer specification. Typical parts include: aircraft and auto ballast, golf club weights, crankshaft weights, aircraft bucking bars, X-ray shields, nuclear medical components, ion apertures, glass melting electrodes, vacuum furnace elements, vacuum furnace shields, and hardware. We are ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) registered, USA-based, and 100% USA-owned. Browse our site for detailed information or view our line card.

Midwest Tungsten Service Reliable History

MTS – Serving Our Clients Since 1958

Thomas LaBounty, founder of Midwest Tungsten Service was passionate about supplying the best possible product, and also about educating his customers on how to achieve the best results with those products. Although our product line has expanded to include much more than materials for vacuum coating, Tom’s dedication to customer satisfaction and education lives on at Midwest Tungsten. We have one of the largest libraries on tungsten in existence and will use it to help you get the answers that you need.

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