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Hydrochloric AcidResistant to attack
Sulfuric AcidResistant to attack
Nitric AcidResistant to attack
Aqua Regia – coldResistant to attack
Hydrofluoric AcidResistant to attack
Caustic Soda, Aqueous SolutionResistant to attack
Ammonia to 700 °CResistant to attack
Mercury / Mercury VaporResistant to attack
Air / Oxygen to 400 °CResistant to attack
H2OResistant to attack
HydrogenResistant to attack
NitrogenResistant to attack
Carbon Monoxide to 800 °CResistant to attack
Hydrogen / Chloride Gas to 600 °CResistant to attack
Air / Oxygen above 400 °CReacts under certain conditions
Ammonia with H2O2Reacts under certain conditions
Ammonia above 700 °CReacts under certain conditions
Sulphur – molten, boilingReacts under certain conditions
Carbon Monoxide above 800 °CReacts under certain conditions
Chlorine above 250 °CReacts under certain conditions
Hydrogen Sulfide at red heatReacts under certain conditions
Aqua Regia – warm to hotNot resistant to attack
Hydrofluoric / Nitric mixNot resistant to attack
Not resistant to attack
PbO2Not resistant to attack
Sodium Nitrite – moltenNot resistant to attack
Carbon above 1400 °CNot resistant to attack, forms carbide
Aluminum OxideNot resistant to attack, forms oxide
Magnesium OxideNot resistant to attack, forms oxide
Thorium OxideNot resistant to attack, forms oxide
H2O vapor at red heatNot resistant to attack, forms oxide
CO2 above 1200 °CNot resistant to attack, forms oxide
Sulphur Dioxide at red heatNot resistant to attack, forms oxide
FluorineNot resistant to attack
BromineNot resistant to attack
IodineNot resistant to attack
Nitric Acid – hotNot resistant to attack
Carbon Disulfide at red heatNot resistant to attack

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