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Background Information

Because pure tungsten is expensive and difficult to manufacture and machine, alternative materials were sought which would maintain some of the useful characteristics of tungsten, such as density and X-ray shielding capabilities, but which would be easier to machine and less expensive. The result of this quest are the Heavy Tungsten Alloys.

Tungsten heavy alloys are ideal for high-density applications or for use in radiation shielding. Heavy metal tungsten alloys are 90% to 97% pure tungsten in a matrix of nickel/copper or nickel/iron. MTS can custom machine any alloys to finished parts according to your specifications. We carry an extensive inventory of tungsten alloys and provide quick turnaround for those items not in stock.

Tungsten Heavy Alloy Advantages

  • Able to be conventionally machined
  • Less expensive than pure tungsten
  • Improved ductility in comparison to pure tungsten

Tungsten Heavy Alloy Applications

Material Name




90% W
6% Ni
4% Cu
90% W
7% Ni
3% Fe
92.5% W
5.25% Ni
95% W
3.5% Ni
1.5% Cu

95% W
3.5% Ni
1.5% Fe

97% W
2.1% Ni
0.9% Fe
Density, grams/cubic centimeter

17 gm/cc

17 gm/cc

17.5 gm/cc

18 gm/cc

18 gm/cc

18.5 gm/cc

Density, lbs/in30.6140.6140.6320.650.650.668
Mil. Spec T-21014DClass 1

Class 1

Class 2Class 3Class 3Class 4
ASTM-B777Grade 1Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 3Grade 4
TypeType II & IIIType II & IIIType II & IIIType II & IIIType II & IIIType II & III
AMS 7725EClass 1
Type 1
Class 1
Type 2
Class 2
Type 2
Class 3
Type 1
Class 3
Type 2
Class 4
Type 2
Hardness, Rockwell C242526272728
Ultimate Tensile Strength; PSI


Yield Strength, .2% Offset; PSI≥75,000≥75,000≥75,000≥75,000≥75,000≥75,000
Elongation. % in 1"≥2≥5≥5≥2≥3≥2
Proportional Elastic Limit; PSI45,00052,00046,00045,00044,00045,000
Modulus of Elasticity; PSI40 x 10E645 x 10E647 x 10E6 245 x 10E650 x 10E653 x 10E6
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion x 10E-6/C (20C-400C)
Thermal Conductivity; CGS Units0.
Electrical Conductivity; %IACS141013161317
Magnetic PropertiesNILSlightly MagneticSlightly MagneticNILSlightly MagneticSlightly Magnetic

Other Material Names

HA170C, HD 17, Dens21, CMW 1000, K1701, M1000

HA170, HD 17D, HD17BB, SD170, CMW 3000, K1700, M3000

HA175, HD 17.5, SD175, K1750HA180C, HD 18, Dens25, CMW 2000, K1801, M2000HA180, HD 18D, SD180, CMW 3950, K1800, M3950HA185, HD 18.5, SD185, CMW 3970, K1850

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