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Background Information

Like tungsten, molybdenum is one of the refractory metals. It does not have the density of tungsten, but still has a relatively high melting point and is somewhat easier to machine. Midwest Tungsten Service provides molybdenum in rod, sheet, and bar. We also provide material trays, heat shields, nuts, and threaded rod for the vacuum furnace industry, as well as glass melting electrodes and vacuum evaporation boats.

Molybdenum Advantages

  • High melting point

Molybdenum Applications

  • Vacuum furnace hardware

Need Custom Raw Material Sizes or Machined Parts?

We can custom make any parts from your dimensioned print or raw materials like rods, disks, sheets, plates, bars, or wire.

Have Technical Questions?

We’re available to answer any questions regarding our products or services and provide quotes for custom projects. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Molybdenum Resources

Molybdenum Vacuum Furnace Hardware and Components

Midwest Tungsten Service manufactures high-temperature furnace components of molybdenum (including TZM and Lanthanum-doped moly), tungsten and tantalum.

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Molybdenum Properties

Atomic Number42
Atomic Weight95.95
Group Number6
Electron Configuration1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 3d10 4s2 4p6 4d5 5s1
CAS Registry Number7439-98-7
Wire Atomic Volume”9.41
Lattice TypeBody Centered Cube
Lattice Constant at 20C, Angstroms3.1468
Natural Isotopes92, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 100
Density at 20C (gm/cc)10.2
Density at 20C (lb./cu. in.)0.368
Melting Point C2610
Boiling Point C4830
Linear Coefficient of Expansion per C
4.9 x 10E-6
Thermal Conductivity at 20 C (cal/cm/C/sec)0.35
Specific Heat @ 20 C (cal/gram/C)0.061
Electronegativity (eV) Pauling2.16
Electronegativity (eV) Sanderson1.15
Electronegativity (eV) Alfred Rochow1.30
Electronegativity Conductivity, % IACS30
Electrical Resistivity @ 20C (microhm-cm)5.7
Temperature Coefficient of Electrical Resistivity Per C (0-100 C)0.0046
Tensile Strength @ Room Temperature, psi120,000 - 200,000
Tensile Strength @ 500 C, psi35,000 - 65,000
Tensile Strength @ 1000 C, psi20,000 - 30,000
Poisson's Ratio0.321
Hardness (Mineral)5.5
Hardness (Vickers)230
Hardness (Brinell)225
Total Emissivity @ 1500 C0.19
Total Emissivity @ 2000 C0.24
Working Temperature, C<1600
Recrystallization Temperature, C900 - 1200

Molybdenum Products

Pure Molybdenum Bar

Pure Molybdenum Bar

$0.00 - $1149.99

Pure Molybdenum Rod

Pure Molybdenum Rod

$0.00 - $4999.99

Moly Mesh

Moly Mesh

$0.00 - $1449.99

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We’re Looking forward to hearing from you

Midwest Tungsten Service can cut or custom make any rod to your specifications. We also offer custom alloys. Please contact to inquire about custom or out-of-stock sizes.

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