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Tip-top Top Tips

Our tops are designed to spin for a long time. There can be a learning curve for some people due to the density of our tungsten tops. Your spinning abilities will improve over time; with practice you will get a fast, balanced, and long-lasting spin.

Evaporating Gold Colored Alloys

In several of our TIPs, we mention the evaporation of gold and gold-colored materials. This TIP explores the subject in greater depth.

Mechanical Vacuum Pump Fluids

The mechanical vacuum pump fluid is an integral part of a mechanical vacuum pumping system

Maintaining Your Metallizer

Down time on a metallizing unit can be very costly in terms of repair and lost production.

Diffusion Pumps

The diffusion pump is sometimes confusing to people because it has no moving parts. It operates quite differently than a gas displacement pump, such as a mechanical pump.

How Far to Pump Down

We are frequently asked what the best vacuum level is for metallizing. There are several factors that must be considered when choosing the proper vacuum level.

Simple Tests

This TIP contains a number of simple tests that you can perform at your desk without any special equipment.

The Spray Booth

Spraying of solvent-based coatings for vacuum metallizing presents a fire and explosion hazard. While we no longer lose as many metallizing shops to fire as we once did, it still makes sense to review the basics of spray booth safety

Coloring Topcoat

Most decorative metallizers deposit aluminum because it is easy and gives a bright reflective surface which can pass for silver or chrome. Colors are a different matter.

Troubleshooting the Batch Vacuum Metallizer

Troubleshooting the Batch Vacuum Metallizer- Part 2

Metallizing Troubleshooting

Trouble Shooting the Batch Vacuum Metallizer- Part 1