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At Midwest Tungsten Service, we believe accurate and efficient order fulfillment is key to customer satisfaction. Our dedicated fulfillment team, led by the meticulous Claudia, embodies our commitment to excellence. With advanced processes and technology, we ensure every order is picked, checked, and shipped with accuracy.

In our warehouse, technology boosts efficiency. Equipped with advanced RF scanners and a robust warehouse management system, our team swiftly identifies the correct item, lot, and quantity for each order. These tools help us navigate our extensive inventory and system of shelves and bins, ensuring no time is wasted during the picking process.

RF scanners play a crucial role—they are not just tools, but extensions of our team's capabilities. With real-time data at their fingertips, our team members can make informed decisions quickly, while drastically reducing the risk of errors. This technology integration is vital for maintaining the integrity of order specifics throughout the picking process.

Picked items undergo a rigorous double-checking process in our staging area. Additional team members review each order to guarantee that what was picked matches exactly what was ordered. This crucial step serves as our final quality control checkpoint before an order heads out the door.

Claudia, the team’s leader, keeps a watchful eye, always looking to refine and improve these processes. Her keen attention to detail and unwavering timeliness ensure that operations run smoothly and efficiently. Claudia's proactive approach also includes monitoring stock levels, initiating replacement orders, to keep our inventory in perfect balance.

Outside of work, Claudia loves to travel. She enjoys long trips to places like Las Vegas and the Grand  Canyon, as well as short day trips closer to the Chicago metro area. Her dogs are her companions on these adventures. Claudia also cherishes family events with her large family, making the most of every opportunity to spend time with loved ones.

At Midwest Tungsten Service, we pride ourselves on a seamless order fulfillment process that stands as a benchmark in the industry. It's a system built on precision, enhanced by technology, and implemented by the best people. Every order is a promise of quality—fulfilled meticulously, just as  our customers deserve.