Heavy Alloy Tungsten

Because pure tungsten is expensive and difficult to manufacture and machine, alternative materials were sought which would maintain some of the useful characteristics of tungsten, such as density and X-ray shielding capabilities, but which would be easier to machine and less expensive.  The result of this quest is the Heavy Tungsten Alloys.

Tungsten Alloy: W, Ni, Fe, Cu & Mo

These alloys contain 90% or more tungsten with nickel, iron, or copper added. Unlike pure tungsten, these materials can be conventionally machined and are less expensive.  However, they cannot withstand the extremely high heat that it would take to melt pure tungsten and are not as hard.

Common uses for Heavy Tungsten Alloys are:

When molybdenum is added to the mix, a very effective material is created for use in heated die applications.

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