Conventional Machining

Despite the difficulty, our extensive machining experience allows us to machine materials other companies cannot. We perform analysis to determine the most appropriate, cost-effective method for machining that fulfills customer requirements.

Some of the conventional machining methods we employ include:

In extreme cases, where conventional machining is just not possible, we will choose EDM, laser, or water jet techniques to get the job done. Tungsten alloy, molybdenum, and tantalum are also conventionally machinable by Midwest Tungsten, although each presents unique challenges. For instance, tantalum is both gummy and abrasive, making hole drilling quite a challenge. If you are interested in machining these materials yourself, we will do our best to be of assistance. If you don’t feel comfortable doing the work in your shop, we would be more than happy to quote finished parts, machined to your specification.

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