MTS Shipping & Billing

Midwest Tungsten ships worldwide.  Many orders can be shipped via United Parcel Service or Federal Express.  MTS also provides postal shipment and DHL, when appropriate.  Due to the weight involved in shipping tungsten, palletized shipments via truck or air may be required.  We strive for the shortest possible delivery times. Stock items are shipped the same day they are ordered and custom or non-stock items are shipped the day they pass inspection.  Due to the high density of tungsten, extra care must be taken to assure proper packaging to avoid damage in transit.

Midwest Tungsten offers credit terms of net 30 days to qualified purchasers.  References will be requested and checked prior to extending credit.  Credit terms may be withdrawn if prompt payment is not observed.  MTS also accepts payment by credit card, check in advance, or bank transfer.  These methods may be more appropriate for customers outside of the United States.  For custom items, partial pre-payment may be requested.

Feel free to call us toll-free 1-800-626-0226, by local phone 1-630-325-1001, or use our contact form with any questions or our quotation request.


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