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Original Publish Date 3/6/23

One of Midwest Tungsten's unique services is Custom Engraving. Below, you'll find helpful tips and best practices for submitting your custom engraving order to ensure the highest quality and accuracy. Many customers utilize custom engraving specifically for business gifts or special occasions. We had a Q/A with our engraving team to provide insight into the process.

1. I’m looking to have my tungsten custom engraved. What is possible? What images are best for engraving?

Excellent questions. The type and quality of image provided can definitely affect the quality of the result. In fact, the quality of the incoming image is probably the most important variable in determining the quality of the finished product. Here are things to think about:

2. How much detail will my engraving have? 

Think about the size of the item. The smaller the print image, the less detail will show. Photographs with lots of small details will not work well printed on small areas. Small print areas require simple engravings like text or logos. Vector-based artwork engraves well in all sizes.

3. Is the image I am providing sharp and complete

Fuzzy photos with hands or feet cropped off do not make for good engraving. Are areas of my subject hidden by tall grass or other obstructions?

4. Does the image have good contrast? 

A photo of your gray cat on a gray blanket on a gray couch is not a good candidate for engraving. Try to choose a photo where the subject is well lit and stands out clearly from the background.

5. How much grayscale tone will my final image show? 

Our products are gray. We can engrave either light on gray or dark on gray. Based on this, expect your image to have about half the tonal depth of a black and white photograph.

6. Do I have the rights to the photograph or artwork? 

If you don’t own it, please don’t ask us to engrave it. Thanks.

We do understand that there are occasions where you may only have a poor-quality original to work with. If you know someone proficient in PhotoShop or similar software, they may be able to help improve what you have. We do have staff available that can do this for you, but the cost of that work can exceed the cost of the engraving itself.