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At Midwest Tungsten Service (MTS), we benefit greatly from the dedication and passion of our team members. Today, we shine a spotlight on Lisa, a cornerstone of our team, who has been with us for over 21 years.

Lisa came to us after almost 20 years’ experience in retail management. She quickly rose the ranks there through determination, drive, and hard work. She learned the ropes of team management from a “phenomenal” mentor, eventually running a team of hundreds of employees.

From her early days at MTS, Lisa has been a driving force behind our success. Her meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment have played a pivotal role in refining our processes, ensuring that MTS is synonymous with high-quality products. Over the years, Lisa's role has evolved, and she has seamlessly stepped into multiple roles, bringing with her a wealth of experience that has been instrumental in MTS's growth.

Lisa's responsibilities span across multiple domains, from inspection to packaging, shipping, and cleaning. In each of these areas, she has set a gold standard of excellence, holding both herself and her team to the highest levels of accountability. It's this commitment to quality that has been a key factor in MTS's continued growth and success.

Outside of work, Lisa is an energetic grandmother who cherishes spending time with her granddaughters in Georgia and Illinois. She also enjoys traveling to warm weather locales and volunteering for causes that are close to her heart. Her family values and strong work ethic are evident in everything she does, both in her personal life and at MTS.

Join us in celebrating Lisa for her unwavering dedication and for being an invaluable asset to the MTS family!

In upcoming posts we’ll focus on the parts processing, part cleaning, inspection, packaging, and picking teams she leads.