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Original Date 1-31-23

In this post we take you on a tungsten journey that will leave you at times perplexed. Tungsten has the unique ability to trigger not only questions about it, but cause individuals to test its physical limits. "How could this be," "No Way", "So cool" is just a few quotes that we have heard when it comes to tungsten. Here are links to go on different peoples journeys with tungsten and see the unique thrills that they had in the process!

Viva La Stool Twitter:

The Tungsten Cube has caught the attention of everyone in HQ.

Unspeakable Youtube Channel:

Dropping Indestructible cube from 1,000cm!

I tried to destroy the indestructible cube!

Demolition Ranch/ Off the Ranch Youtube Channel:

How tough is a solid block of tungsten?!?!

Smashing things with a solid tungsten block, much heavier than lead!!!

How Ridiculous Youtube Channel:

Worlds heaviest 4" cube vs concrete from 45m!

660lbs Steel Fist vs Unbreakable 4" Tungsten cube from 45m!

William Osman Youtube Channel:

Very Heavy Cube!

Vsauce Youtube Channel:

Showing my desk to Adam Savage

TAOFLEDERMAUS Youtube Channel:

Is tungsten bulletproof? How tough is it?

Cody'sLab Youtube Channel:

Gold Plating my tungsten cube

Reddit Posts:

You and a super intelligent snail both get 1 million dollars, and you both become immortal, however you die if the snail touches you. It always knows where you are and slowly crawls toward you. What's your plan?

This warning on a lead brick