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Vacuum Metallizing Troubleshooting There are several areas in which vacuum metallizing problems may occur. These problems may exist separately or […]

Color Matching and Metamerism

Color control and color matching are important to vacuum metallizers. Customers will often present a metallizer with a sample and […]

Metallizer Throughput

Maximizing Metallizer Throughput This Tips is more theoretical than most, but it is our sincere hope that you will be […]

MTS on Manufacturing Marvels

Midwest Tungsten Service featured on Manufacturing Marvels on Fox Business Network.  

Tungsten and Costs

Market Price, Pure or Alloy & the Delivery Form Midwest Tungsten regularly receive requests for more information about tungsten mining, […]

Release Agent Coatings

What is a Release Agent Coating? A coating that imparts “non-stick” properties to the surface upon which it is applied. […]

Standoff Posts

Vacuum Metallizing: Filament Standoff Posts The design and positioning of filament standoff posts are important considerations in vacuum metallizing. The […]

Second Surface

Reverse or See-Through Metallizing Second surface metallizing is sometimes called reverse or see-through metallizing. The front surface which faces a person […]

SiO Film Thickness

Silicon Monoxide films change color according to the thickness of the deposited film. By watching the interference color of the […]

Direct Fire vs. Preheat

The advantages and disadvantages of direct fire metallizing versus those of preheat/flash metallizing. Direct Fire Direct fire immediately brings filaments […]