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The Spray Booth

Spraying of solvent-based coatings for vacuum metallizing presents a fire and explosion hazard. While we no longer lose as many […]

Problems in Spraying + Air Make Up for Lacquers

Paint Sags May be caused by holding a gun too close to part or using the wrong solvent. Keep gun […]

Coloring Topcoats

Most decorative metallizers deposit aluminum because it is easy and gives a bright reflective surface which can pass for silver […]

Troubleshooting the Batch Vacuum Metallizer – Part II

Read Part I – Vacuum Metallizing Troubleshooting Troubleshooting coating defects on batch vacuum metallized parts can be frustrating and time-consuming. […]

Troubleshooting the Batch Vacuum Metallizer – Part I

Vacuum Metallizing Troubleshooting There are several areas in which vacuum metallizing problems may occur. These problems may exist separately or […]

Differences in Diffusion Pump Fluid

The diffusion pump is an essential piece of machinery in many vacuum metallizing operations. However, the type of fluid that […]

Leaks and Gas Loads

When designing, operating, or repairing a vacuum metallizing system, much attention is given to the removal of gases from the […]

Water Vapor Effects

Water Vapor and Vacuum Metallizing Effects Water vapor is a factor in all metallizing systems. The presence of water vapor […]

Contamination Prevention

WAX is a cause of adhesion failure on edges or corners. The wax comes from waxed paper used in packaging […]

Basecoats for Vacuum Metallizing

This TIP is a commentary on thermal-cured lacquers used for basecoating in vacuum metallizing. The role lacquers play in vacuum […]