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The Spray Booth

Spraying of solvent-based coatings for vacuum metallizing presents a fire and explosion hazard. While we no longer lose as many […]

Q & A – Aluminum Evaporants

I’m doing shielding work. How can I deposit more aluminum? A: If you have enough room and power, you should […]

Simple Tests

This TIP contains a number of simple tests that you can perform at your desk without any special equipment. The […]

How Far to Pump Down

We are frequently asked what the best vacuum level is for metallizing. There are several factors that must be considered […]

Diffusion Pumps

The diffusion pump is sometimes confusing to people because it has no moving parts. It operates quite differently than a […]

Maintaining Your Metallizer

Down time on a metallizing unit can be very costly in terms of repair and lost production. It is prudent, […]

Mechanical Vacuum Pump Fluids

The mechanical vacuum pump fluid is an integral part of a mechanical vacuum pumping system. It is as important as […]

Evaporating Gold Colored Alloys

In several of our TIPs, we mention the evaporation of gold and gold-colored materials. This TIP explores the subject in […]

What is the density difference between Tungsten and Aluminum?

View our video on the density difference between W (Tungsten) and Al (Aluminum). Tungsten Cubes Purchase cubes online in our online […]