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Motorsports Racing Team

Motorsports Racing Team

The Client:

The client is an international motorsports racing team, competing in Indy, Le Mans, Daytona, and international races.

The Challenge:

A vehicle redesign required weight adjustments to the vehicle in order for the vehicle to qualify for a race less than a week away.

The Vision:

The design team recognized that using tungsten heavy alloy would allow them to meet the requirements necessary for the upcoming race weight. Drawings were created and the team set about searching for a vendor who could deliver the finished plates on a tight time schedule.

The Solution:

The team contacted Midwest Tungsten Service. After some discussion, it was determined that MTS could utilize stock material if the part was redesigned. Redesign arrived Monday afternoon. Machining of 14 custom parts began Tuesday morning. Completed parts were shipped on Wednesday to the team who installed them on Thursday. This allowed the car to be tested and qualify for the race which took place on Saturday.

The team won its class!

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